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My name is Jamal Jhani, For the past 30+ years and going I have worked as a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor. I provide my clients with a wide range of services from Rentals, Installs, Maintenance, and Repairs.

I've worked on 100s of jobs in my time working. From big jobs to small jobs I've always gotten the job done while  leaving my clients smiling. 

  • At KoolAir we make sure to have the right equipment for big & small AC

  • At KoolAir Service we offer rentals for Large AC Units

  • At KoolAir Service we make sure everything is running right 24/7

  • At KoolAir Service we offer Small AC Unit Rentals


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Some Examples of My Work


Facility Installation and Rental

Commercial Building Installation

Factory Rental, Installation, and Maintenance


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Located in Orange County California, Huntington Beach